Be In Me God

I am an interfaith metaphysical minister of God. I minister through spoken word and song. Through many years of spiritual practice I have learned to get myself out of the way and allow The Holy Spirit to express and minister through me. 
About three years ago,The Holy Spirit brought me together with Eric Thomas Johnson, a brilliant and highly anointed pianist." Be In Me God" is our musical collaboration in service to God.
" Be In Me God" consists of thirteen songs-eight were written by me and five are spiritual standards. We recorded this album over the course of four two hour recording sessions. We did the songs over and over again until they were filled with the anointing of God.
Our engineer was Chip Fabrizi and all of the music was recorded at PPI, his New York City Studio.
Thank you to Edgar Scott for the cover photo.
Much Love,
Rev. Daniel Neusom 



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